Large Group Training

“Are you ready to be part of the Alliston Area’s Best Women’s Only facility that delivers effective and efficient workouts designed to shed unwanted pounds, lose your belly fat and tone up all of your problem areas?”

alliston Money back guarantee

Complete with a 100% money back guarantee (click to learn more about our guarantee) and the assurance that you will get all the tools you need for incredible results, this group fitness training plan will give you what you need to turn your body into a fat burning machine.

Here are nine reasons for enrolling with Quench Fitness’s Fitness Class Program right now:


Our rockstar clients who have followed our programs have drastically changed their stubborn bodyfat areas and have achieved the body shape and tone they wanted. Read our testimonials to see that you too can and will get the results you want, as quickly as possible!


We want you to have FUN while exercising! Our professional designed workout routines are challenging, but we guarantee you will never be bored because we add great music and variety into your training which will prevent your body becoming conditioned to the same, repetitive exercise schedule and slowing down your progress. Instead, our workouts will make your body work harder to adapt to the different exercises, improving your fitness level as you burn off calories and fat, and keeping you mentally stimulated at the same time.


Our workouts last for a maximum of 60 minutes at each session, but with many sessions available each week, there is no reason why our guaranteed methods at Quench Fitness cannot be fit into your busy day. To help you achieve your ultimate goal, the sessions include strength, flexibility and cardio intervals to burn calories quickly and lose fat in a time-efficient training regime.


Our Group Personal Training methods increase your body’s metabolism and improve your fitness levels very quickly. Your energy levels will be sky high, and with your internal engine re-tuned to work at its optimum capacity, you will find everyday tasks easier your stress levels will reduce and your will sleep soundly.


At Quench you will become a part of the Quench Tribe of members, with a support group which will keep you going when the going gets tough. Chat on our private Facebook page to help you achieve your target fitness and fat loss goals and stay motivated with other members.


You can increase your metabolism, no matter how old you are! Your body will burn calories and fat throughout the day, and your improved muscle mass (from all of your hard work and training) will boost the process even more.



Trained in the Precision Nutrition, Body Training Systems and StrongFirst techniques, our friendly team of proven fitness experts will guide you safely through your unforgettable fitness and health experience to achieve the success you deserve.



Here at Quench Fitness in Alliston, instructors will produce a structured and accountable training program. We mean business! We send out motivational emails, meet with you bi-weekly and keep monthly records so you WILL achieve your goals!



We offer a full, money-back guarantee. If you don’t look better and feel better in 12 weeks after joining our program then we will give you a full refund with no questions asked. All we ask is that you follow our Group Personal Training program in Alliston, for the full 12 weeks. So, join us and experience the benefits of Quench Fitness for yourself!