Group Personal Training Instructor

“Do You Have The Drive And Desire To Change People’s Lives?”


Dear Prospective Trainer,

First of all, thanks for taking the time to visit this site. It’s my hope that you have precisely what I need in a fitness trainer so I can take this page down immediately and put you to work in the fun and rewarding coaching position I have available.
So let me tell you about me, my company and how we hire our coaches.
My name is James West and I run a fitness and nutrition coaching company called Quench Fitness in Alliston, Ontario. My business is dedicated to helping women achieve their health and fitness goals through customized nutrition and fitness programs.

And business is booming!

I’m looking for an enthusiastic, motivated, and energetic person to start training some of our current clients. My gym is located near the Driver’s License Office in Alliston.

I currently offer one-on-one customized nutrition and fitness programs which educate, motivate, and support women to improve their health and fitness. All clients begin with a minimum 16-week coaching package which includes: nutrition counseling, bi-weekly assessments and training sessions here at the club.
We are a little different in how we bring on new Fitness Professionals. We teach our proven system on how you will get clients incredible results. You will learn everything you need to know about becoming a world class trainer.
Once you are finished learning our proven system, you’ll be ready to start instructing the Group Personal Training Classes on your own.
Currently the class times are Tuesday at 9:30am and 5:30pm, Wednesday at 7:00pm, Friday at 5:30pm and Saturday at 9:00am. As fitness professionals we work when our clients don’t.
Bottom line: You’ll get a great education.. AT NO COST.. Then you will be setup to start instructing at least a few hours per week. You will be paid as an employee and on probation for the first 90 days every with an opportunity for a pay increase after the probation. My gym offers a casual, fun environment, nice training equipment and the opportunity to learn the inner-workings of a successful personal training studio.
Oh yeah, I’m also very fair, respectful and appreciative. I like having fun and providing highly valuable fitness services and products. You will be compensated fairly, treated fairly and I will certainly look for ways to pay you more for your efforts if they warrant it.

Tasks You’ll Be Expected To Perform As A Quench Trainer

battling-ropesI want someone who enjoys working with people and making a difference in the lives of others… because that’s what we do in my club.
* Coach the Group Personal Training Sessions and Offer Suitable Options for Clients: You’ll receive coaching and training on our fitness systems and programs, but you’ll have flexibility to incorporate your training style and knowledge.
* Demonstrate Proper Exercise Instruction: This is a big one. I need you to be able to provide proper coaching, instruction, and motivation during a client training session. You should have a working knowledge of the human body (i.e. muscles, movements, functions, etc) and be able to provide appropriate exercises for client’s fitness level.
* Provide and Obtain, Ongoing Health and Fitness Education: Our clients rely on us to service all of their health and fitness needs. It is your job as a fitness coach to provide your clients with health and fitness education on various topics that will empower them to lead healthy lives forever. This also means that you need to be constantly increasing your education as a trainer.
You’ll be provided with educational tools and resources, will be expected to study them and speak about them with your clients. We also spend time covering this in our staff meetings.

Required Skills

Client of the Month Katie Berry 2These are the skills you must already have in order to qualify for the position:
* Good Communication Skills: you will be talking with my clients, who are VERY important to me. You must be comfortable conversing in-person and on the phone and know how to conduct yourself professionally, and deliver clear instructions to the clients. I’ll teach you everything you need to do during a training session, but I can’t teach you manners and professionalism.
* People skills and personality- must LOVE working with people! As mentioned above you must be VERY comfortable conversing with people. This is an exciting club and you must be able to show your clients energy and excitement while working with them.
* Health and Fitness Education: You need a Nationally recognized personal training certification to apply.
* Strong Personal Dedication To Fitness: Let me make this perfectly clear: You must have a personal fitness routine and train yourself regularly. We look first at your personal work ethic. We want strong role models for our clients. Someone who takes a lot of care and pride in their own fitness regimen, whether it’s for general fitness, or training for some athletic endeavor. Your personal passion is what will be communicated to the client and will help them to become inspired as well.

Bonus Skills

workoutfloorIf you have these additional skills, your resume will go right to the top of the stack (but if you don’t have these skills, you should still apply because these are not mandatory).
* Previous personal training experience (fitness studio, health club, in-home trainer, etc.)
* Basic nutrition knowledge
* Kinesiology Degree
* CPR Certified

How To Apply

I’m looking to hire the right person relatively quickly. So if this job sounds good to you, then complete the web form below and we’ll contact you by phone.

Again, thanks very much for your interest.
James West
Owner, Quench Fitness “The Results Women Thirst For!”
P.S. This is not the type of job where just showing up is enough. Performance is everything to me. If you perform, you will be rewarded. I want nothing more than to find a person who takes real interest in doing good work and taking care of our clients. If that’s you I promise that I will recognize and reward your performance!
With all that said, as I mentioned in the headline on this page, drive and desire to help people go a long way in my book. I’m a very positive, upbeat business owner and appreciate those qualities in others. As long as you have the basic skills I mentioned, and a great attitude, you’re definitely a candidate! So submit your information today!