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Dineen has lost over 20lbs, more than 18 inches and reduced her body fat by 15%!Weight Loss Alliston

I decided to start a program at Quench because I lacked energy and was always tired. I had gained a lot of weight and was going to the gym on my own, but I would but getting frustrated because I never saw any results. Since starting my program I’ve noticed I have energy! I sleep better and accomplish more of the things I like to do. Most importantly, I feel better about myself. The best part about the program is getting to know the other people that are in the sessions with me. Even though we have all come for different reasons and have different goals, there is camaraderie with us that I enjoy. For me having a trainer helps me to be more accountable/honest with myself. If you’re on the fence about joining I’d say that after checking out other places in the area, I know that this is the only one that provides the full package: trainer, nutrition, and a variety of other classes that are available all the time. If you want to be healthier, happier, and have the energy to do what you want, this is the place you need to be!!
Dineen Gauthier, 49

In 5 Months Tania Has Lost 32lbs, More Than 6″ Off Her Hips And Reduced Her Body Fat By Over 10%!personal trainer alliston

In April 2013 I decided I was ready for a lifestyle change. After losing 60lbs, I knew I needed the expertise of a personal trainer in helping me with the next stage of increasing my fitness level and weight loss goals. Since starting my program my strength, flexibility, core, balance and endurance have all improved. What I like best about my program/having a trainer is that if your body is unable to do an exercise properly James will modify your program to correct the issue. He gives great nutritional information to ensure my diet is supporting my training goals. James takes the time to listen to what my goals are and comes up with a plan to help me achieve them. If someone was on the fence about joining a program, I’d tell them the workouts are fun and challenging. The atmosphere at Quench is awesome. If you are ready, decide to do it, commit to it, James can help you succeed.
Tania Salsman, 37

Heather has lost over 13 inches and close to 32lbs of fat!Alliston Personal Training Weight Loss

I needed to develop better eating habits and lose weight. I had gained weight over the last 3 years and wanted to improve my strength and regain mobility after a rotator cuff injury 12 months ago. I just needed a new routine. Since I started the Group Personal Training I have gained strength, increased my flexibility and lost weight and inches. My self esteem has improved and I just feel better! I actually crave healthy foods instead of the bad carbs! The best part about the program is being held accountable for your exercise and nutrition habits. The continuous coaching allows you to get feedback on how to implement those habits. It’s also great to work with other ladies who have similar goals in mind. If you’re on the fence about these programs hop over it because you won’t regret what you are going to get. Yes you have to work for it but achieving your goal is worth it!
Heather Pulfer, 49

Liz has lost a total of 10” off just her waist and hips!!Client of the Month Liz Parkinson

I’m turning 50 next month and want to be 50 and FABULOUS!! I wanted to really step up my fitness level and make significant lifestyle changes. Since starting my program, I’ve lost weight, inches and I’m no longer wearing my ‘fat’ clothes. I have more energy, less stress, and better sleep habits. Others in my house have benefited too, they have better eating habits, and they’re more active. What I like best about my program is that we are able to target weak areas and strengthen them correctly and safely. I was a member of the local rec center at the time I signed up for my trial program at Quench. One thing I immediately noticed during the first month, was the difference in atmosphere between the two facilities. Going to the rec center people seemed weary and unexcited about their workouts. At Quench everyone was so happy!! From the personalized greeting I got at the door to the laughter between sets with my training partners, they actually enjoyed coming to the gym! Group training makes exercising fun. It’s like a team sharing mutual goals, and common challenges. You won’t regret joining Quench. No matter your fitness level or your past experiences (I have done every weight loss plan going – multiple times) It is a friendly, supportive atmosphere! You can do it too!!
Liz Parkinson, 49

Margo has lost more than 13 inches and reduced her body fat by almost 10%!! Client of the Month Margo Doucette

I decided to start the Group Training program at Quench because I wanted to challenge myself and learn the correct ways to lift weights and do exercises. Since starting my program I’ve realized that if you fall off your regime, you simply start again – no guilt. I’ve noticed the loss of inches, and body fat. According to the scale I haven’t lost very much weight, on the scale. Yet, I can fit into clothes that I wore when I was 20lbs lighter!! What I like best about having a trainer is the special attention to my weak areas (my knees) and how to adjust the exercises so that I can benefit from the workout. If someone was on the fence about joining the program I’d say it’s a great way to extend your limits. Each workout is a mix of different components. Age doesn’t matter, you will not be limited. The personal touch also helps to encourage you.
Margo Doucette, 62

Mandy Lost 13.7 lbs. Of Fat, 5” Off Her Waist And Is Down 8.1% Bodyfat! Client of the Month Mandy Short

As soon as group training was offered, I was intrigued. You get one on one attention while in a group – I wanted this. I find small groups very motivating and once I tried it – I loved it. I’ve done it for 2 years now. Since starting training I understand my body a lot more. I have some ailments that cause me discomfort. Group training has taught me how to exercise properly and how to make certain movements/exercise not aggravate some pains. What I love about this program is the personalized training and lifestyle regime I get for me while working out with a great group of people. I also really appreciate how very non negative sessions and check ins are. At other gyms I’ve always felt too large or inadequate if I couldn’t do a certain exercise or wasn’t a certain number – here I’m made to feel good no matter what. If someone was unsure to try this program, I would tell them it’s the best program I’ve taken since I started exercising regularly in 2004. It’s a definite must try. You’ll work hard and have a good time; a must for when I hit the gym : )
Mandy Short, 28

Grace Lost 16 Pounds and 10 Inches Off Her Hips and Waist!Success Story Grace Graham

I was having a very difficult time trying to lose weight. It seemed that no matter what I did, or how hard tried it would not budge. One day I sent a note to James at Quench Fitness asking if anyone there could help me. James explained the “Personal Group Training” program and the “Precision Nutrition” program. I signed up for a six months with sessions twice a week. It was not long before I began to notice that I was getting stronger and began to lose weight!! For the first time in my life, I was able to lose weight while on vacation. My clothes were becoming baggy on me. I am in my seventieth year, and have some physical restrictions regarding my spine, (degenerative disc disease) as well as a heart deformity. I really appreciated having James as a trainer. He understood my difficulties and took the time to modify or substitute some of the exercises thus allowing me to get the same benefit as I would have had from the original exercise. It is truly one of the best things that I have ever done for my health and fitness. This has become a very necessary lifestyle for me. One that I can live with for many years to come. I would strongly encourage anyone to sign up. It is definitely a commitment but you will come through it stronger, more confident and with energy to spare! If this old grandmother can do it, anybody can!
Thank you, James and the Quench Fitness Team.
-Grace Graham, 70

Debbie Has Lost 26 Pounds Of Pure Fat And 9% Bodyfat!Client of the Month Picture Debbie Lewis-page-0

I wanted to get myself in better shape and my daughter Kim was already a member. She really inspired me to get started. It took a lot of convincing on her part, but she finally encouraged me to just give it a try. I thought I was too old and out of shape for such a program. Besides losing weight my body is actually getting toned. This has never happened with any other program I have done before. I feel so much better mentally and physically since joining Quench. I actually look forward to my workouts and that has never happened before either. James is fantastic. Although it is Group Training he adjusts all the training to suit the individual even if that person has special needs. He doesn’t pressure you into doing anything. He makes suggestions and if you can’t do it one way he will try another way. He also is consistently changing it up. This is something that I thought I would never be capable of doing, especially at my age. If you are sitting on the fence, just do it, you won’t regret it.
-Debbie Lewis, 60

Jen Lost 9.8% bodyfat, Over 4” Off Her Waist And Over 4.5” Off Her Hips in 8 weeks!Personal Trainers Alliston

I had been working out for a while but not seeing the results I wanted to see. I decided that some added guidance would help me meet my health and fitness goals. Having a trainer definitely helped keep me focused and accountable. Having someone there to teach you the correct way to exercise ensures that I’m doing things effectively to reach my goals. Now my clothes are fitting much better and I feel more comfortable. With the support of the staff, and all of the friends you make at Quench, it’s easy to get results. IT WORKS!
-Jen Pike, 32

I Lost 23lbs. of Fat and 12.5% Bodyfat!beforeafter-page-6

“A Life Journey” is the term I would use that brought me to Quench Fitness a little over a year ago. I had spent a year focusing on my health and losing weight. During this time I achieved a weight loss of 115 pounds. In January 2012 I felt I had reached a point in my journey that I needed to expand and improve in my physical fitness. I researched a few gyms in the area and found myself drawn to Quench Fitness. I have never looked back. Quench has helped bring so much happiness, enjoyment, encouragement and success to my life. The staff at Quench is always there to answer my questions and listen when I need that extra bit of encouragement. I am thoroughly pleased with the Group Personal Training program and the results that I have achieved and continue to achieve every month. Quench Fitness will remain in my “Life Journey” for many years to come.
-Wendy Dodd, 35

Melanie Lost 12.5lbs., Over 6” Off Her Waist And Over 5” Off Her Hips!Burn Bodyfat

A few friends and I joined one of the fat loss challenges to get healthier together. Since then my weight is down, and I have lost quite a few inches, which I am thrilled about! I put on a size 2 for the first time in years and it felt so good! The trainers at Quench are fantastic! All of my fellow Quenchers are super friendly and I am not at all uncomfortable there as I have been at other gyms. I strongly recommend you give Group Personal Training a try… why would you even think about it?!?!?
-Melanie Groh, 35

I Lost 12lbs and 4.5 Inches Off My Waist!Sports Exercises

I wanted to get in better shape for hockey, so I turned to Quench Fitness to train during the summer break from university. My 4 months of training really paid off! When I started I was 8 inches away from a toe touch, now I can touch them no problem! It’s very important to me to reduce any risk of injury, so having a trainer to guide and coach me gave me the confidence that I was doing exercises correctly and effectively. Also, the exercises continued to change, so it never felt repetitive or boring. If you are considering training for your sport, or any purpose at it! You won’t regret it!
-Claire Shaw, 19

I have lost 12 lbs, 9% body fat, and 7” off my waist in 3.5 months!

Success Story Picture Cindy Cook

After having 2 kids I needed to lose another 10 lbs. before I was happy with my body. I decided to join Group Training. Since then I have noticed unbelievable results! I love the small groups, it makes the sessions fun! The trainers really take an interest in you as an individual and achieving your goals. I have been to many gyms, done P90X etc., this is by far the best gym and the best trainers I have experienced.
– Cindy Cook, 36

Cindy Lost 13 lbs, Over 7.5” Off Her Waist And Gained 5.5lbs of Toned Muscle!Lose Weight

When I first came to Quench I was lacking in physical fitness, overweight and at a low point in my life. I decided that I need to step out of my comfort zone and make a change physically and emotionally. That is exactly what I got! Physically I have increased energy and strength and emotionally I am more confident, adventurous, and ambitious. This program is geared to any individual, no matter what their strength or weaknesses are. The trainers provide a positive experience through their enthusiasm, extensive knowledge and professionalism. Take the step, you will not be disappointed! The members are friendly, and the staff is supportive and courteous. Try the personal training…It’s the best!
This was the best decision I’ve made!
-Cindy Morrison, 47

This time we are recognizing someone for something other than body composition. Mary was in an accident and broke her arm quite badly. At the age of 54 many people would have just accepted the bad luck and did a few physio exercises and probably ended up with an arm that was a fragment of the original. However Mary, is a fighter. She worked tirelessly day in day out on her rehab exercises and she has only herself and her determination to thank for the incredible recovery of her arm. Absolutely inspiring Mary!

mz pic

I ended up at Quench Fitness four or five years ago having never really done the sort of workouts offered at Quench before, and I really liked them. In June 2014 I dislocated and shattered my right elbow (whoops) and lost use of my arm. The Doctors told me I had a serious injury and for my age (54th at the time) I would gain full mobility of my arm. I was very determine to get back the strength and mobility that I lost and was confident James could help with the many other things I worked on at home.

After a few months I was able to start the classes again. James and Jamie were great at the accommodating my initial limited abilities and were always encouraging and supportive. James gave me specific exercises to do to help, and I was doing other things as well. I knew those exercises helped a lot with the recovery. In March 2015 I had the plates and screws removed and was told that by the doctors that they were surprised at how thorough of a recovery had taken place. Since then there has been a lot more recovery and I have gained even more strength and mobility. I like to push hard in a workout and feel that all the body parts have worked and stretched. James has fantastic knowledge about how all the different body parts work and how they work together and how to rehabilitate them. I really enjoy all the different kinds of stretching we’re taught, it has been fantastic!

If you are thinking of joining this program, no one can do the actual work for you. But if you’re motivated to do the work you will get support at Quench and a lot of informed, valuable information and exercises that are right for you.

You can likely do a lot more than you think you can.

Mary, 55

“I was 39 years old and felt out of shape. For the first time in my life I was struggling with my weight.” Karen Lost Over 19 Pounds Of Fat And 6.5″ Off Her Waist!

Client of the Month Karen Mitchell-page-0

I was 39 years old and felt out of shape. For the first time in my life I was struggling with my weight. I have a job where I am sitting for most of the day and I felt like I did little to no physical activity. I had also reached a point in my life where I realized it was OK to make myself a priority and that spending time on me was not selfish. I saw an ad on social media for Quench and thought I’d give it a shot…. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Karen Mitchell, 41

“I realized I needed to start a program because my main form of fitness was running and it was not helping me achieve my goals. It didn’t matter how much I ran, the body fat or weight was not coming off. I was actually starting to gain weight.” Rebecca Lost 4.5% Bodyfat And 9.5 Total Inches!


COM Rebecca Gallagher

I realized I needed to start a program because my main form of fitness was running and it was not helping me achieve my goals. It didn’t matter how much I ran, the body fat or weight was not coming off. I was actually starting to gain weight. I also felt I needed to cross train, get stronger and tone. Since starting my program by far the biggest change has been the loss of fat on my thighs and belly, two areas I thought I could never change without some extreme intervention or liposuction…. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Rebecca Gallagher, 53

“I was feeling awful, stressed and need to get in better shape.” Barbra-Anne Lost Over 40lbs Of Fat And 8” Off Her Waist!

Client of the Month Barbra Anne K-page-0

I was feeling awful, stressed and need to get in better shape. I knew working out would be a healthy outlet to help me accomplish those things. Since I started at Quench I have way more energy and I am actually happier and more positive. I also have much more self confidence and physically I have gotten so much stronger. I lost over 40 lbs of fat, 8” off my waist, 4.75” off my thighs, and gained 8 lbs. of muscle! All In Only 3 Months! What I loved about this program…..


-Barbra Anne Krupp, 21

Christine Lost Over 24 Pounds Of Fat And Has Lowered Her Blood Pressure Medication!Client of the Month Christine Gray-page-0

For me starting this program was both a NEED and Want. I was quickly progressing to a size tripleX, then one day I could not fit into any of my clothes. I know this needed to stop because it was starting to affect my health. My knees constantly hurt, it was hard getting up off the couch both physically and mentally. I wanted to complete one more 1/2 marathon before I was 50 and it was not going to happen with the life I was leading. I NEEDED to get stronger, lose weight and increase endurance.

After hearing about a 12 week program that was starting at Quench, I met with James for a consultation. He was understanding and assured me my limitations would not keep me from exercising in the semi-private program and things can me modified so it does not cause pain.

Since starting the program there have been a lot of results. Some you would expect, and some you would not expect. The inches, fat and weight loss were expected and I was happy with the results. However, it was the unexpected results I think, that pleased me the most:
-When you realize your clothes fit differently and better
-When you realize you do have shoulder blades… and they can touch
-When you lay down on the floor and your lower back can actually touch the floor
-When you lift your leg to your chest and there is less fat getting in my way
– Blood pressure medication being reduced
– Learning how good posture sets you up for success
– Actually LIKING the workouts and looking forward to them

It also affected my depression in a positive way. I would have more energy on the days I worked out and I felt good. I have become more aware of my body and the posture that causes my pain. Now I have become more aware and can self correct.

The best part of having a trainer, is that you are accountable. At Quench, James & Jaime do make you accountable but in a positive manner. I have never had a trainer at a gym or anyone else for that matter who would follow up the same day as to why you did not make it there. Also your trainer is on the lookout for the signs that you are in pain, and if you are in pain… lets get to the root of it. NO Pain NO gain should not a phrase used by your trainer. There have also been flexibility improvements. I have not been able to kneel on my left knee but that has not kept me on the sideline for certain exercises. The exercise gets modified and I do it in a different way. With the big gyms once they have your money they really don’t care if you show up or not. At Quench they want you there and want you to show up and reach your goals.

As a person who suffers from both depression and anxiety I know it is hard to go to group workouts and not know what to do. With the semi-private program you are made to feel welcome and comfortable if it is hard at first it can be modified so you feel as though you are succeeding. Your endorphins kick in and you feel good about it. During the workouts you will find James watching and making sure you are doing it in proper form. Plus with nutritional information and developing menu plans for yourself. You will learn that as an overweight person who does not eat much that you can actually lose weight faster if you eat and that not eating is what is causing you to gain that weight. The best part is that your strength , endurance, and weight/measurements all have a positive effect on your physical, mental and spirit. Who doesn’t want that!!!
-Christine Gray, 47

Anne Has Lost 6.6% Bodyfat And 10 Pounds Of Fat In The Last 3.5 Months!


When I first came to Quench, I was no longer able to participate in my favorite activities especially long walks. Even light housework was painful. I had some previous injuries that were worsening. I had been through countless courses of physio over the years with no improvements and believed that I would need to “get used to” lessened physical activity. I did attempt several structured activities but found my old injuries were further aggravated. I continued to gain weight and become less and less physically active. I spend a lot of time sitting at a desk each day and was mostly concerned that I was not able to participate in any activities to promote a healthy lifestyle and remain strong and fit. I attempted to exercise at home using videos and home equipment but did not stick to any of these programs. I was very hesitant to join a “real gym” as I have never been part of any group sports or structured programs and was concerned that I would be out of place and not able to keep up. When I joined Quench, I was advised to not think about the scale and weight, but to focus on strength training and proper nutrition. I was pleasantly surprised after a short time to notice weight loss while still being able to eat great meals and “cheat” on occasion with my favorite foods! I lost not only pounds, but inches and clothing sizes. Most importantly, I am able to participate in strength training classes and activities that I never thought possible. I am able to do daily activities with much more ease because of this. Several years ago, I heard through word of mouth that there was a women’s gym in Alliston and decided to go for an assessment and trial. I was pleased with the assessment and encouragement at the time, however have to admit that I did not become truly serious in the beginning. Looking back, I think I needed to break years of old habits and being physically inactive. Initially, I attended the semi-private training classes about twice a week and “sometimes” the large group classes. To my surprise, my physical issues did not get worse. By working with James in the semi-private training classes I was provided with personalized support and a great deal of encouragement. He has endless patience with each individual and in a very respectful way provides each client with the guidance to use proper techniques and not cause pain or injury. He also has an uncanny way of encouraging each client to test their own boundaries and participate in a way that many of us never thought possible. James and Jaime treat their clients as individuals who have unique goals and needs and always remind us that if we fall behind on our workouts or don’t stick to nutrition plans, it is never too late to start again. As time went on, I found myself “wanting” to go to the gym and attending classes more often. I was greatly surprised to find I was actually enjoying myself!! Clients at Quench are of all age ranges and have varying levels of fitness. James and Jaime are supportive, encouraging and treat each person with respect. This holds true with the clients in all the classes. There is a high level of encouragement and support in a positive and fun atmosphere. Routines are changed often so there is never an opportunity to get bored and there is always a new challenge to meet. For anyone who is not sure about joining an exercise program, I would recommend giving this gym [and yourself!] a chance. James and Jaime are outstanding in all ways as owners of the gym. All the instructors provide fun and encouraging classes. Each person is encouraged to meet their own goals and work within their own physical limits. The atmosphere is completely non-competitive with clients supporting each other as much as the instructors.
Anne, 54

Shaughn Has Dropped Over 35 Pounds Of Fat And Lost Almost 12 Inches Off Her Waist And Hips Alone!

Far as long as I can remember I have been on a weight roller coaster. I hadn’t been eating properly or exercising and just didn’t feel good about myself. I needed something to get me back on a healthy track. My friend Kim was already a member at Quench and seeing amazing results, so she was my inspiration to join. Since joining Quench I feel much better about myself. I am eating better, I feel stronger mentally and physically. Trying on clothes is no longer depressing but exciting to see the changes.

What I like most about Group Training is that the programs are professionally designed for you so there is no thinking or wondering what to do, you just do it! I love the check-ins because they keep you accountable and motivated.
James and the team at Quench are so friendly, supportive and motivating. If you are thinking about joining- get off the roller coaster and do it, you will not regret it!!
Shaughn English-Cragg, 41

Kathryn Has Lost Over 20 lbs Of Fat And 4.5 Inches Off Her Waist So Far!

Client Of The Month Kathryn Murphy

I had been at Quench in the past and found it hard to stay consistent and keep the weight that I had lost off. I heard they had a new program that involved accountability and nutrition coaching. At that time I had weight to lose, no energy, I was totally out of shape and I had recurring back problems. Not to mention I was going to the chiropractor on a regular basis. Since I have been on this new program at Quench I have been eating much better which has really increased my energy, I no longer struggle with motivation, my clothes fit so much better, and my flexibility has dramatically increased like I never thought it would. But probably the biggest thing is the fact that my back never really hurts anymore, thanks to “Dr. James” haha. Oh ya and it really feels good when people comment on how my body has changed. I have tried all the other Womens facilities in the area and I would never go without a personalized program like this again. With this type of program I get someone who pushes me safely and who knows my body and which exercises I will get the most out of. I just want everyone to know that when you come to Quench you will become part of an atmosphere that is welcoming, always willing to help, positive, encouraging, and full of other ladies just like you.
Kathryn Murphy, 51

Paula Has Lost Almost 36 lbs Of Fat And 9.8% Bodyfat So Far!

It is never too late to start a fitness program. My daughter Kimberly helped get me started because I had noticed a lack of mobility and strength. It seemed as if I was dragging my body around and my sleep was very poor. I felt I had made changes in my eating, but my energy level was still very low. In the past I had gained weight and fat all over my body, not just in one or two areas. That now seems to be how it is coming off, ‘slow and steady’. I stopped being so concerned about what the scales read but rather how strong and mobile I am becoming. I have had an arthritic knee but now I can straighten my leg and I am able to walk longer without pain. I used to feel I was bent over and becoming shorter, but now my posture is improving and my clothes fit better. I have a lot more energy and I do not fall asleep during the evenings while watching tv. Having James as my trainer with all his knowledge is the optimum situation!He ensures you are doing exercises correctly to work the right muscles. James is very creative and remembers your weak areas by modifying the program to best fit you without injury. I like the fact that we do check-ins as it keeps me accountable. This program has helped to make this a lifestyle change and a habit. We have lots of laughs and I don’t think you could find a more friendly caring gym. If you are on the fence, do it for yourself. You have looked after everyone else now it’s time to look after you.
Paula Nicholl, 62

Kate Lost Over 21 lbs And 6.7% Bodyfat! All In Only 3 Months!

I have spent years being unhappy with my fitness and making excuses as to why I didn’t have the time. I’m not a very motivated person but when Quench started a 28 day fitness challenge it was just what I needed to give me that boost to just begin. I love that James tailors the workouts to everyone’s needs or capabilities. It allows you to grow no matter your limitations. Plus the exercises James teaches work your whole body so you’re working every muscle and getting more fit than you realize. If you are considering joining Quench then I would suggest that you… Do it!! It will be the best decision you’ll ever make. Any activity you currently do or want to do would benefit from the training at Quench. You’ve only got one body so treat it the best you can. I am fitter than I’ve been in years. I feel like I can do anything and take on any challenge. I have never had such good endurance or overall strength.
Kate Norris, 35

Sidney Was Unable To Squat Without Pain And Now Can Do Pistols Pain Free!!
Sidney has also lost 9.3 pounds of fat, over 2” off her hips, and over 3” off her waist!Client of the Month Sidney Jefferson

I decided to start a program because I needed to get stronger in my core to help me with my horseback riding. My riding trainers suggested I do another type of physical activity to get my overall stamina up.

Since I started I have noticed significant weight loss and overall strength. Before starting at Quench I was unable to do squats because of a previous knee injury due to riding, now I am successfully doing a variety of squats without any pain.

I like how there is limited room available in the group training’s, making my workout more personal. It’s easier to ask questions and get advice. Also helps when I am doing an exercise to be corrected if I need it. I enjoy the smaller facility, getting to know the trainers on a more personal level, and socializing with fellow clients. Flexibility of all the programs offered. You don’t need to feel nervous or embarrassed going to the gym!!
Sidney Jefferson, 22

I lost 20 lbs, over 7” off my waist and over 6” off my hips!New Tecumseth Fat Loss

I hadn’t been exercising and I needed something to get me back into it. James created a personalized nutrition and exercise program for me that works! He gave me one goal to work on at a time which made it easier for me to follow and make a habit. I really like having someone to help keep me on track, hold me accountable and challenge me. I’m so happy with my results! I’ve lost weight, increased my energy and I can’t believe how much stronger I am! Quench Fitness is by far the best facility I have ever been to. The classes are fun and challenging with the best instructors. I only wish I would have joined sooner!
-Pam Sansom, 32

I lost 11 pounds, 3% bodyfat, and almost 9 inches in only 4 weeks!

Success Story Julia Bazinet

I was feeling tired all the time, none of my clothes were fitting anymore, and worst of all I was really unhappy about myself. Once I started the Group Training everything felt better! I increased my strength, endurance, sleep quality and even ran a 10 K without training for it! I lost 11 pounds, 3% bodyfat, and almost 9 inches in only 4 weeks! I love the motivation and support system you get with The Group Training program. The investment was completely worth it! You will get results if you with this program.
– Julia Bazinet, 32

I Lost 27.5lbs. and 5” Off My Hips And 8.5 Off My Waist In 4 Months!Fitness Classes Alliston

I had gained weight over the last few years and I wanted to get my old body back. Not only have I got great results with weight and inch loss, but my core is much stronger which has helped my low back issues. I enjoy having a professional organize a program that will help me reach any goal I have. This program really helps keep you on track by keeping you accountable. If you are sitting on the fence about joining this program just do it! You’ll be glad you did!
– Val Sirr, 53