29 Oct 2015

What Are The Best Exercises To Get Rid Of Stomach Fat?

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By:James West

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I know most people who begin an exercise and nutrition program want a toned/smaller stomach. It is such a common area that the body tends to store fat that I don’t blame them. In this article I want to go over the misconceptions about how to make that stomach flatter and the basics of what you need to do to tone up those abs!

Abdominal Exercises

People often come to us and have the goal of getting a toned stomach. Maybe they have just recently lost a bunch of weight or maybe they are comfortable with their weight, and they just want to see more definition in the stomach region. I think most of of them are looking for a special exercise that will make that tummy get tighter and tighter. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Doing abdominal exercises does nothing to make the layer of fat covering your six rectus abdominal compartments to show.

High Repetitions

Another recommendation is to reduce the intensity of an abdominal exercise so that you can do lots of reps in a row (15 to 30) for more of a toning effect. Because the common belief is that lifting heavy weights makes your muscles bigger (not completely true). If doing high reps and exercising specific muscles was all that was required to get ‘toned’ then everyone would have pretty lean legs. We all walk at least 3000 steps per day (hopefully). Yet many people who walk 10,000 steps still don’t have toned legs. The purpose of exercise when it comes to toning is to increase your metabolic rate and to minimize how much skeletal muscle your body eats away while you are trying to get toned.

Losing And Gaining Fat

When it comes to changing your body there are really only 4 things that can happen:
1. Lose Muscle
By eating less food than you burn and not do any strength training you will lose muscle.
2. Lose Fat
By eating less food than you burn and including strength training. The weight you lose won’t be muscle it will be fat.
3. Gaining Muscle
If you eat more than you burn, as long as you strength train properly you will gain muscle.
4. Gaining Fat
If you eat more than you burn and don’t strength train you will gain fat.
You can’t turn fat to muscle, you burn fat and build new muscle but those are 2 different processes. You don’t ‘tone up’ a muscle, you reduce the layer of fat covering that muscle so you can see it better. You don’t get bulky muscles from exercising with really heavy weight, being bulky just means you have an added layer of fat over your muscles making them less toned.


Everyone has a six pack. Seriously, everyone does. We all have rectus abdominis muscle bellies, we all have the connective tissue between the muscle bellies causing the ‘6 pack’ look. What we all don’t have is a thin enough layer of body fat over top of them to see the stomach muscles. To lose stomach fat you must eat the right amount of food, the right type of food and exercise a little more than you do now. Just follow that formula and eventually your 6-pack will start to appear.

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